Edito - August 2022


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No, we won’t be talking about summer temperatures which remind us of the fragility of our Western methods of organisation but rather the multiple turning points that we seem to have reached. And that a return of Politics in decision-making processes and a certain questioning of the liberal economic order are now emerging is no accident of History at this time of change, after almost 40 years of downward trend in interest rates and inflation. 

« We are probably also at a crossroads in the de-industrialisation process. The sacrifice of skilled workers and staff in favour of the all-powerful consumer, for whom the quest for low prices replaced any other economic strategy, appears well behind us. »

Francis Jaisson

But it is a paradigm shift, initiated during the Covid pandemic and the awareness of the weakness of the completely shattered value chain model, which first presupposes a policy of energy security. However, here too the era of abundance seems to have ended. The receipt of materials necessary for the production of energy now seems to fit in with rationales that combine both huge investments and geopolitical commitments. These go beyond the usual diplomatic convolutions as the calling into question of multilateralism is so profound. It is such a big change for our societies, called to responsible sobriety, that it often carries with it the shortcomings of dogmatism and blind visions.

Finally the lack of support of populations for their own organisations and structures is extreme. It is a situation which is complicating the management of national policies and making the definition by companies of their strategy more complex. With the lack of connection between individuals, and the lack of attachment to society, some may well see in all these elements the approaching zenith of our civilisation.

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Deputy Director-General in charge of all Management, Marketing, Negotiation and Research

August 10, 2022

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