Whistleblowing system

Covéa Finance deploys a dedicated system for collecting and processing alerts to help detect disputed situations as early as possible. This system, which complements the existing framework, is an effective way to fight against corruption and promote the company's commitments in terms of corporate social responsibility.

This alert system makes it possible to submit a report or an alert according to certain conditions set by the governance procedure for the processing of alerts. It is integrated into the internal regulations, in the appendix Covéa Finance "Anti-corruption code of good conduct and whistleblowing system".

This new whistleblower protection system comes into force on February 9, 2023.

Its contours are defined by:
  • the Waserman law of March 21, 2022, which transposes the European directive of October 23, 2019
  • the decree of October 3, 2022 which sets the rules for processing internal alerts, as well as the list of authorities that can receive external alerts

It only concerns natural persons:

  • Collaborator (permanent, temporary or casual), including those whose employment relationship has ended;
  • Having applied for a job with Covéa Finance;
  • Third parties to the company (for example, employee of a supplier or customer).

In order to benefit from the related protection, the whistleblower must meet the following cumulative conditions:

  • Act in good faith. He relates factually acts, behaviors or concrete situations without seeking to harm others and may be required to support his report with supporting documents.
  • Make a report without direct financial compensation.
  • Report a fact falling within the scope of the device

He must have obtained information on the acts, conduct or situations, the subject of his report in the context of his professional activity, unless he had personal knowledge of it: he does not relate any element of which he is not aware. only by a third party.


To this end, we have deployed a secure alert collection platform which allows any report to be made.

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Covéa Finance alert platform

The whistleblower can choose to remain anonymous or reveal his identity. Whatever this choice, the reports made will be treated confidentially with respect for the integrity of the information collected.

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Covéa Finance - Alert processing governance procedure (pdf - 324.03 KB)