Executive Committee 


  • Chairwoman: Ghislaine Bailly  
  • Managing director, Head of Asset Management, Marketing, Trading and Research: Francis Jaisson  
  • Managing director, Head of all support and control functions: Ludovic Jacquier  
  • Executive director, Director of strategic intelligence, External relations, ESG and Research: Yannick Tatibouët  
  • Executive director, director of risk, Operation and Information: Franck Ibalot


Supervisory board


Chairman: Laurent Tollié  

Members of the board 

  • GMF Assurances:  Edouard Vieillefond  
  • Assistance Protection Juridique: Olivier le Borgne  
  • MMA VIE AM: Eric Lécuyer  
  • MMA VIE SA: Geoffroy Brossier  
  • MAAF Assurances SA: Stéphane Duroule  
  • GMF Assurances: Laurent Tollié  
  • MAAF Assurances: Anthony Foucher  
  • GMF VIE: Anne Kachelhoffer  
  • MAAF VIE: Paul Esmein  
  • MMA IARD SA: Didier Bazzochi


11/15/2018                                                  Covéa Coopérations is a 100% shareholder of Covéa Finance