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Covéa Finance is the portfolio management company of the mutual insurance groups MAAF, MMA and GMF. At end-December 2017, Covéa Finance managed assets of more than €98 billion, offered a range of 42 mutual funds.

Our range of funds is built around three basic principles:

Seek absolute long-term performance

Through a unique Core-Benchmarking-Trading management approach designed to maximise value over time by using long-term investments, major movements in market indices and trading transactions.

Create added value at all levels of the company

Each Covéa Finance employee, from the fund manager to the risk controller, has clearly identified responsibilities throughout the management process. They all, therefore, contribute to value creation and risk management.

Moreover, Covéa Finance mainly applies its skills to the insurance industry. Its management policy is based on seeking long-term performance, with a focus on optimising risk/return ratio. True to this philosophy, Covéa Finance does not currently use credit derivatives.

Also, fully aware of its responsibilities to the various players on the financial markets: savers, institutional investors, financial intermediaries and companies offering securities to the public, Covéa Finance has a professional code of ethics, the primary commitment of which is to provide services that meet its clients' needs.

As a professional asset management company, Covéa Finance fulfils its management role in the interests of its clients, fund principals and savers, in complete transparency.

Maintain focus on the fundamentals that explain the economy via independent economic research

Our research department, integrated into our management teams, enables us to forge our own beliefs and to maintain perspective vis-à-vis market opinions. Such analytical independence enabled us to withstand the financial crisis particularly well.