Covéa Obligations Convertibles I Share & Mixed

Net asset value

Value date

Year to date

1 year

3 years

5 years

ISIN : FR0011070762
Investment zone: Europe
Currency: EURO

Management approach:

The Fund is classified as "Diversified". It aims to provide medium term holders participation in the performance of interest rates and equity markets by investing on a discretionary basis in convertible bonds. For information purposes, the Fund's performance may be compared to the ECI Europe (net dividends reinvested) which is representative of the composition and liquidity of the market for convertible bonds in the European zone.

* At lower risk, potentially lower return. At higher risk, potentially higher return.

Risk and reward profile*:

Recommended investment term: 5 years

Change in net asset value

Not being constant over time, past performance should not be taken as a guide to future performance. The value of your investment may therefore rise or fall. Performance is calculated with net dividends reinvested. Maximum available data history is for five years.