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Executive Committee

  • Chairwoman and Director of Fund Management : Ghislaine Bailly
  • Deputy Director of Fund Management and Director of Fixed Income Management, Research and Trading: Hélène Dyé
  • Strategic Intelligence and External Relations Director : Yannick Tatibouët
  • Secretary General and RCCI : Ludovic Jacquier
  • Administration and Risk Management Director : Franck Ibalot
  • Director of International Equity Fund Management : Lucile Loques
  • Director of European Equity Fund Management, Multimanagement and Sales : Francis Jaisson

Supervisory Board 

Chairman : Sophie Beuvaden

Vice Chairman
MAAF VIE :  Edouard Vieillefond

MMA IARD SA : Hervé Frapsauce

Members of the board

Assistance Protection juridique : Olivier le Borgne

MMA VIE AM :  Philippe Narzul

MMA VIE SA : Geoffroy Brossier

MAAF Assurances SA : Dominique Chevillon

GMF Assurances : Laurent Tollié

MAAF ASSURANCES : Stéphane Duroule

GMF VIE : Didier Ledeur

MAAF Vie : Lionel Calvez